Curio Bay Ministries is a result of a group of Christians at Curio Bay with a passion for sharing the love of Jesus.

This group has emerged because of a compassion for people and their needs, with a desire to let the power of the Holy Spirit provide direction.

This is a record of overseas countries Curio Bay Ministries has ministered  in since the construction of the Curio Bay Christian Community Centre in 1998

Malaysia   Singapore   India    Fiji    England    Wales   Uganda    Kenya    Vanuatu

With a desire to bring the love and power of Jesus into everybody's life, what ever their situation  and prove the existence of a caring Father God in heaven whose heart reaches out to all people.

An aspect  of Curio Bay Ministries is the desire to bring the complete healing that Jesus provides ( mind spirit and body )to each person.

With numeous accounts of this happening and people finding their peace and salvation in Jesus Christ -----Curio Bay Ministries is excited about what God is planning for them to be doing in the future.

Curio Bay Ministries is available for praying and ministering to people's needs in New Zealand and in countries outside New Zealand

The ministry is self funding and does not ask for transport or ministry costs.

For futher information, or to request a visit to you personally, or a visit to your  church, 

please contact us on the  " CONTACT  US " button at the top of  the page on the right side

There you will find   a phone, fax  number / postal address / email contact site.

These contact sites will put you in contact with Paul and Celia Watson who fill the Pastoral role for Curio Bay Ministries