written by his father PAUL WATSON (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

We live at Curio Bay in the southern area of the South Island of New Zealand, in 1983 we had a amazing supernatural encounter with God and were baptised in the Holy Spirit.  My wife and I were radically changed by this event.  About six months later, Dean my 12 year old son said to me "Dad the toilet is full of bright red fluid".  I asked if he had just been there and he said he had.

We took him to Invercargill Hospital and were informed that he had a kidney disease called nephritis which had caused him to urinate blood and had left his body full of urea.  We had noticed he was looking as if he was putting on weight and thought this was good as he was a light child, but instead he was quickly being poisoned by the urea in his blood.

Our doctor told us there was nothing they could do except keep him under observation in hospital and see if he improved.  After three weeks in hospital he was sent home but the urea levels were still much too high.  Every month for the next four months he was tested but his condition showed no change.

Suddenly after five months we were told by the hospital they were going to fly him and his mother to Christchurch Hospital for tests and the hospital would pay the airfare.  We knew almost nothing about praying for the sick, so the night before their flight I got a bottle of oil and poured it on his head and it just ran down through his hair, we put our hands on him and prayed for God to heal him in Jesus Name.

Celia his mother took him to Christchurch Hospital the next day and was informed there that she was going to be taught about how to handle him on a dialysis machine until they could find kidnesys to do a transplant.  This totally shocked her as we had no idea he was so ill.  He was given tests for three days and on the fourth day had a kidney biopsey which showed his kidneys were fine except for a little scar tissue.

He was sent home as a normal healthy boy with perfectly functioning kidneys with the instructions to have a check once a year.  We were elated and gave Praise and thanks to our Mighty God.  Once a year for the next three years I took him for a check and the results were always good and I would tell the Doctor that God healed him and was given a blank stare in return.

He is now 37 years old has spent a number of years with Youth With a Mission and three years on OM ship Dulous, is now married and lives on the Isles of Scilly off the coast of Cornwall and has two healthy kidneys thanks to God.

Some people have said to us well he could not have been sick or the Doctor made a mistake.  But my response is "would a hospital fly people across NZ free of change and start looking for kidney donors for no reason?"  I don't think so!

HEALING TESTIMONY OF JENNY WILSON (a member of Curio Bay Christian Fellowship)

In April of 1977 while pregnant with my second child I developed chronic asthma and was hospitalised for about 10 days.  It appeared to have come from nowhere and for the next 6 years it ruled my life.  I was on a preventative inhaler daily and relied on a Ventolin inhaler whenever necessary through the course of the day.

In 1983 after six years of many frightening experiences, I was woken one Sunday morning with a clear word from God telling me to go down to a house church and ask for prayer for healing of my asthma.  Fortunately my husband agreed as this was not where we usually fellowshipped.

As the service came to a close I asked for prayer - to this day in 2010 I can still remember the heat and vision of Jesus as I lay on the floor.  It was an instant and permanent healing when God in His Mercy touched me.  In the 26 years since then I have been completely free of asthma.



This article was written by Paul Watson (pastor for this church)


In 1983  my wife and myself  were filled with the Holy  Spirit  and started having home Bible studies.


A local fisherman came to these studies, one day he told me a story about a friend of his who had been put in a mental institution because his mind had totally failed.  He asked if I would go with him to this hospital and  pray for his friend so he could be healed.  We went to the Hospital together.


We found  the man just walking the corridors with no focus on anybody near him, we were told he had been walking like this day and night  for 3 weeks never going to bed and without any food.  The nurses considered because he had lost so much body weight and was continuing to lose weight that he might die.


The only communication coming from his mouth was "they are coming to get me".  The fisherman pulled him into a chair,and stopped him  getting up,and because I had no experience with such a condition I found myself at a loss of what to pray.  So I put my hand on his hand and just prayed in tongues, the language that comes from the Holy Spirit, I never prayed in English, only the language from the Holy Spirit.


After about 20 minuites of praying the patient slowly relaxed and sat back in his chair and then went into a quiet sleep.  We felt we had done as much as we could do and went back to the mans home.  We were met by his wife who said what were you doing at 5 past 8 tonight , because the sister of the man you were praying for rang up and said her neck which had been locked up for 20 years was suddenly healed at that moment.


We told her that at that time we were praying for her brother in the hospital.  That healing was one I did not understand, but showed God's workings are more wonderful and mighty than we can ever understand.


I went back to the hospital twice a week for a number of weeks and prayed in the same way, he soon started sleeping and eating again and putting on weight.


One day I asked what he liked most about my visits, he said "Oh its when you pray for me in your eetsy weetsy teetsy language, I  REALLY LIKE that".


After 2 months he was released from hospital and not long after went and built a house for a relative.  He now leads a normal healthy  life


I give ALL THE GLORY for this man's healing to God who does all things well